Monday, December 10, 2007

Final Blog

This class is one of the best if not the best class that I have taken at Clemson. Your biggest project for this class will be the client-based project. Here it is important to choose people that you will work well with and that want to work hard. At first you may be a little thrown off by the project and the class but it will tie in together if you give it time. Make sure you do not wait until the last minute to do your work on this project because it is impossible to do in one night. It may not seem like alot but believe me, it is.
In order to succeed in this class you just have to try. Angie will give you chances to improve because she wants all of her students to succeed. The only thing you can't be is lazy and expect to do good in this class. It is the right amount of work to get the job done. Not busy work but enough to make sure that you are learning what you need to be learning about business writing. If you are having issues with any of the work just ask her she would love to help.

Good Luck and Best Wishes in Business Writing 304!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I do not really have anything interesting to talk about so I guess I will talk about what I want for Christmas. I think Christmas has to be the best holiday ever. I am a little backwards for my reason of loving Christmas when you compare it to other peoples reasons. My reason is so I can buy gifts for other people. I do not like to just get the regular gifts because I want them to be personal. Like last year I got my grandma a fire extinguisher because I think she is seriously getting more senile by the day although she would deny it. She likes to leave pies in the oven and forget about them which is why two weeks after I bought her one for the kitchen she needed to use it. I bought my father a blue tooth for his phone although he is completely technology dumbfounded. It took about an hour to teach him how to set it up with his phone and how to cut it on and off but it was all worth it. He likes to ride in his car and talk sports all day and when Im riding with him anywhere it scares me.
Now although I love to buy gifts there is nothing like Christmas eve making Santa cookies and writing a thank you note for the gifts that I will receive the next morning. I am 20 years old and I still am as excited now as I was when I was four years old. I still cant sleep at night, I toss and turn and toss some more and then wake everyone in the house up at 630 so I can see whats under the tree for me and especially so I can play with my sisters gadgets. Im so excited about Christmas and I hope it comes very fast!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dual Coding Theory

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing the dual coding theory is the Pepto Bismol commercial. This is my favorite commercial right now which is probably why I walk around the house singing it all the time. The people in the commercial look like they are interviewing to sing in the commercials add and can not sing or dance at all so it really ends up being funny. At the same time it is putting heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, or diarrhea in your head which is promoting Pepto Bismol. This is a very effective method because when you have those symptoms you think about Pepto Bismol. This is a very effective way of promoting and persuading an audience because it tends to stay in your head and makes you want to experience the product just to see what the product is about. Another commercial that sticks in my head is the Herbal Essence commercial with the lady doing all that moaning and groaning. I went out and got me some just so I could see if it smelt good enough to make me wanna moan and groan and YES it did.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Group work

One thing that I have learned about group work in college is that everyones schedule doesnt go together. Another thing that I learned personally about group work is to at least have someones number and to have a back up plan.
I know one of the big issues in our group was meetings and people not making the meetings, me being one of those people. So the duties were given out and it wasnt a clear understanding of what was to be done. In the future I believe just having times that everyone can meet instead of just some people would do better.
A positive in our group was giving out duties that were evenly distributed and having one or two leaders in the group. I like my group best because people in the group dont mind doing work;whatever is assigned is what everyone does without arguing. In the next phase I hope to be able to participate more.

My interview

I believe my interview went really well. I acted as if I was applying for a sports marketing agency in Atlanta,Ga. Although it was just a mock interview I was a little nervous at first but as we got on about our second or third question my nerves got called down alot.
Something I believed I could of worked on was answering my questions clearly. I believe I had good answers to the questions and I asked Angie some good questions as well in regards to my job at the agency. Needless to say the most important thing is I GOT THE JOB!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

My fav ladies!!!

One thing that keeps me grounded when things are hard and I don't know what to do are my favorite ladies. The first of these ladies is my Grandma Star. This is my mothers mom. She is the nicest most loving person that I know. She is one of my favorite ladies because she knows how to get to me without cursing or raising her voice and by just giving a life lesson. She is all of 4'11'' and the most perfect person in my life. She is the type of woman who will make you cry without saying a thing but just look at you. She is the person that I consider to be my strength.
The next of my favorite ladies is my Grandma Barringer. She is about 5'5'' with the heart of someone ten feet tall. She has 9 children and all of them still come out everyday just to stop by and have conversation because no matter the issue she is always there to help you out. "Mama" as everyone calls her is spiritual and will give you the clothes off her back if you don't have any. She is the reason that I have made it through school without having to have a meal plan. We call her the park and shop because you can stop by for some milk and leave with half of the kitchen. When things get unbearable or I need someone to have my back I can always depend on my grandma, she is my power.
The last of my favorite ladies is my sister. She is 14 years old and acts like she is older than me and almost looks like it. My sister is the one that keeps me updated on all the things that go on in the world and the newest dances that she thinks that I should know. Although she is 14 she is the person that keeps me on a straight and narrow path. I know that she looks up to me therefor I have to be a good role model for her. She stays up here quite often because as hard as she denies it she misses me. My sister is the only person in the world that I can hate one second and want to hurt somebody over the next second. In this world I would consider my sister my rock.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why hide your wedding band?

I thought it was interesting that people would hide wedding or engagement rings for their job. I understand that people think it might show lack of commitment to the job but who would put their job over there family, although I know many people do. I just don't think it is necessary to put your ring in your pocket unless you are going to work for a sex agency or something of that matter. I think it is important to show who you really are in a job interview and hiding something so important is only showing a part of who you really are.
Something that I hadn't thought about before was what not to say during an interview when an interviewer asks you your weaknesses. I learned to make sure to make sure to let them know a weakness that can turn out to still be an asset in whatever job you are applying for.